About the Shop

Bark Rangers is a small, handmade shop based out of Maryland. It was estabished in 2017 by two humans named Val and Zack, and a Shiba Inu named Simba. Although we live in a metropolitan area, our hearts are in the mountains. ⛰ We take every possible opportunity to travel and explore new places. That’s why we call ourselves Bark Rangers (Simba does most of the Barking).

Over the past year or so, Bark Rangers has had unbelievable support from our fur-friends, which drove us to transition from Etsy to Shopify! This new platform allows us to tailor the Bark Rangers experience based on our customers’ needs. It is our first big step forward and we are very excited for you to experience it!

Today, Bark Rangers is still just the three of us (with the hope of adding another fur-baby, or two, or a whole litter). Each fabric is handpicked and joyfully sewn together by Val. The website and adventures are managed by Zack. Emotional support and frequent naps are carried out by Simba.

You can learn a little bit more about each of us here !