About Our Pack

Simba - Chief Fur Distribution Officer

I'm Simba, the Shiba, and I'm 6 years young! I'm a mama's boy and I ain't ashamed of it. I live with my mom and work for her! Don't worry lady dogs, I get the basement all to myself with a separate basement door! 😉

During the week, I work really hard to help with the shop. Well, sometimes do I slack off a bit... but when your mom is the boss, there's some wiggle room for laziness!

On the weekends, I go on wild adventures! 🌲 My life's motto is "adventure often, sniff everything, and chew on all the branches!" I've sniffed and marked my territory in many places in Maryland, DC, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. I'm hoping to claim the west coast very soon!

You can follow my journey on ↠ Instagram

Val - Chairman, Chief Belly-Rub Officer

Everyone has something that they are passionate about. For me, it's dogs, dogs and more dogs!🐕🐕🐕 If I could have a successful career being a dog cuddler, I would, but it’s tough to break into that field! I am very fortunate to have found a perfect medium, Bark Rangers, to channel my love for dogs and my passion for creativity.

Through my store, I hope to connect with other humans and dogs to share and discuss everything "canine". Yes, I sound like a crazy dog lady... but over the years, I've learned to embrace it. It ain't love if it doesn't make you go a little crazy. So go ahead, embrace the crazy! Match with your pup and flaunt that dog hair like it's glitter!

Zack - Chief Adventure Seeker

My title says it all. I love planning adventures with my pack. Whether it be hiking new trails, traveling, camping, or road tripping, the more new places you explore, the more you’re able to stay inspired (and, of course in Simba’s opinion, the more territory you can mark). In many cases the places we explore become backdrops for Simba’s modeling pictures. I hope our adventures inspire you to get outdoors and make new memories with your four-legged friend!