Our Story

Bark Rangers

was created in Maryland during the spring of 2017 out of a strong desire to explore and a crazy love for dogs!

We wanted to create a small, handmade shop that would influence dog parents everywhere to spoil their dogs with endless adventures! Every leash and collar is made to take on the muddiest and dirtiest of adventures. Every handmade bandana is designed to bring inspiration for an exciting journey. Every matching shirt serves as a reminder that life is better when you’re together.

So let's be explorers ↠

hike up a mountain,
splash through a river,
leave paw prints on the beach,
& make memories together!

Meet The Pack

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Chief of Fur Distribution

I'm named after the mighty Lion King, but I'm just a silly Shiba Inu that looks like a fox and acts like a cat! 🐈 Mom tells me I'm a very special boy and that I'm the goodest boy in the whole kingdom!

My favoritest thing to do is hike because there are endless trees on trails to sniff. 🌲 My life's motto is "adventure often, sniff everything in sight and claim it all!" I now own vast amounts of land and a lot of trees in more states than I can count!
You can follow my journey on ↠   Instagram

Chief Belly-Rub Officer

Everyone has something that they are passionate about. For me, it's dogs, dogs and more dogs!🐕🐕🐕 If I could have a successful career being a dog cuddler, I would, but it’s tough to break into that field! I am very fortunate to have found a perfect medium, Bark Rangers, to channel my love for dogs and my passion for creativity.

Through my shop, I hope to connect with other dog moms to share and discuss everything "canine". Yes, I sound like a crazy dog lady... but over the years, I've learned to embrace the crazy and flaunt the dog hair on my clothes like it's glitter!

Chief Adventure Seeker

My title says it all. I love planning adventures with my pack. Whether it be hiking new trails, traveling, camping, or road tripping, the more new places you explore, the more you’re able to stay inspired (and, of course in Simba’s opinion, the more territory you can mark). In many cases the places we explore become backdrops for Simba’s modeling pictures.

I hope our adventures inspire you to get outdoors and make new memories with your four-legged friend!