11 Tips to Capture Amazing Photos of Your Dog!

Cameras are just about the least interesting thing in the world to your dog. Especially when there are so many other distractions around, like fascinating smells, squirrels, mudd, or even a stray leaf blowing in the breeze. 🍃🐿 In order to take quality photos of your dog(s), imagine yourself walking in their paws and find ways to make the experience entertaining or rewarding for them.
Below, I’ve compiled 11 tried and truetips from a few #instafamous fur-friends of mine!
We would love to see how your photos turn out using these tips, so please tag me on Instagram @bark.rangers or the account that the tip came from to share your experience with us!

📷 1 | All models expect to get paid, and your dog is no different.  That's why Ripley and her mom always bring treats with them on photo shoots!  If you find that your dog is more interested in the surrounding environment, try a new treat that they can't resist! 
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📷  2 | Figure out what’s your dog’s favorite keywords are! It could be, “do you want…” or “wanna go…” or “dinner time!” etc.
Easter always pay attention when she hears her favorite phrase, “Who wants *dramatic pause* A TREAT!?” This gets her to look towards the camera and tilt her head!  How cute is that?
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📷 3 | My favorite strategy comes from Skye Blue!  Take photos towards the end of the hike after your dog has gotten a chance to let all their energy out. ⛰ A tired dog will be more willing to be still and follow commands!
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📷 4 | Take a tip from the pros!  You will always see professional pet photographers with a squeaky toy at hand.  It works every time for Thor.  This boy sure does love his squeaky toys! 
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📷 5 | This will be a piece of cake if you dog has mastered the “stay” and “come” commands.  Have your dog stay in one place as you back away.  When you are in a good spot to snap some photos, use the “come” command to capture photos of your dog running or walking towards you.  Make sure you have your camera set to sports mode for these action shots!  You will see this strategy being used in many of Sketch’s photos on Instagram!
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📷 6 | Don’t be frustrated if your dog doesn't listen to you or isn't looking towards the camera.  The best shots are candid!  Just look at how beautiful and natural Miley looks!
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📷 7 | Don’t be afraid to kneel or sit on the ground.  Photos taken at your dog's level capture their perspective!  Just look at Ranger's photo - it makes you feel like you are right next to him in Maui soakin' up the sunshine!
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Bandana ↠Turtley Awesome 

📷 8 | This tip is for those who are more advanced with trick training. If you can teach your dog the trick, “hold”, and practice it with different objects, it will open up opportunities for some pretty precious photos! 😍
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📷 9 | For Bailey, your sense of humor will capture his attention. 😋 If you have someone with you, have them stand behind you and do silly things like wave their arms around or jump up and down.
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📷 10 | Don't concentrate too much before hitting the shutter button. The more photos you take in rapid succession, the better chance you have of capturing a gem, like this photo of Cassidy and Mona. 
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📷 11 | When all else fails, get into the picture with them!  Your presence may heighten obedience and will also give you opportunities for sweet mom and pup shots! 👩❤🐶
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