A New Black Friday Tradition, with the DOG!


Just the thought of Black Friday shopping makes me have serious anxiety.  The unfriendly crowds and the lack of dogs being present is not at all appealing to me.  If I can't bring my dog, I'm not coming!  🐶

If you're like me, here are some activities you can do with your dogs instead of participating in this no fun tradition!

1. Take a hike

If your dog has wandering paws and a curious nose, go explore a new trail together! 

    2. Make a dog toy

    Put those old t-shirts of yours to good use.  Your dog will love these extra special toys because your clothes will have your familiar scent on it.

    3. Teach Your Dog New Tricks

    This is an adorable idea for all of you Harry Potter fans... instead of regular commands, use spells as the commands!  

      4. Do a Christmas card Photo-shoot

      The grandpawparents would absolutely love to receive one of these! Get some inspirations from my Pinterest board with all kinds of ideas for a dog holiday card.


      6. Visit a Dog-Friendly Christmas Tree Farm 

      This is an exciting photo opportunity for Christmas cards! Try out these amazing dog photography tips from my previous blog post!

        5. Treat your dog to some homemade treats!

        Here are some super easy homemade treat recipes to spoil all those good boys and good girls.

        So forget Black Friday shopping, I'm gonna go hiking #WithMyDogInstead
        If you are with me on starting this new Black Friday tradition... show me how you're spending the day!

        Tag me on Instagram @bark.rangers and use #WithMyDogInstead !